Avis Car Rental in Rome: Its Peculiarity and Terms

Avis Car Rental in Rome: Its Peculiarity and Terms

Italy is too interesting to consider it from the window of the sightseeing bus: it harmoniously adjoins the centuries-old past of the country and its present, monuments of architecture and achievements of modern industry. Thus, many tourists prefer not to limit themselves to traditional routes, but travel using car rental in Italy.

In Italy, there are many companies that provide independent movement of tourists around the country on their own transport. Renting a car in Rome is an opportunity to choose an option that suits you for the price and technical characteristics. Here, we will talk about the most famous company, as well as the prices for this service and subtleties that should be taken into account when hiring a car abroad.

Best Car Rental Company

Do you plan to visit Rome, want to move around the city freely, as well as beyond, and for this you need a car? Most popular company among tourists, providing quality transport for any purpose is Avis in Rome, Italy. This country can boast with presence of lots of rental companies, but Avis is always in demand.

General terms

First of all, you will need an international driver’s license (IDP). Note that driver data must be filled with Latin letters. Actually, you have the right to rent a car in Italy if you are 18 years old. But, it is obligatory to order a special insurance package. To pay for a rented car you can using a valid credit card (not debit) with a certain deposit.

Additional equipment

Individual approach to customers is also expressed in the fact that the company provides an opportunity to use additional services. Among them are child seats for small passengers (from 0 to 12 years), permission for unlimited mileage for those who are going to travel long distances, an additional driver for those who need to change while driving during a long trip. Rent a car Rome also offers the ability to complete a car navigator, it will make it easier to travel through the narrow streets that Italy is famous for, and will not let you get lost.


On average, prices for car rental in Italy are about 300-400 euros per week. Booking is advised in advance on the company’s website, or directly upon arrival at the airport. In the Avis car park, you will find the following types of cars: Economy class, Middle class, Business Class, Cars for sport, image and recreation, Car of a representative class, Limousines, Retro, Buses and minibuses. The average price for renting a vehicle per day ranges from 20 to 80 euros per day depending on the class of a car.


One of the important moments while hiring a car is Insurance. In Avis car rental, all cars that are rented are, of course, insured:

  • From the damage that the motorist himself can bring.
  • From theft of a vehicle (in Italy, cars are often stolen).
  • From an accident on the road.

Car rental in Rome – a convenient way to explore attractions 

If during your stay in Rome you want to do shopping, you can rent a car in Rome airport and go to the designer outlet of Castel Romano, which is located about 25 km south of the city. Those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the bustling metropolis and enjoy the beautiful nature will like a trip to Villa Borghese.

Advice! If you plan to move in the highlands or in winter, it is recommend hiring a chain against slipping together with the car.


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