Avoiding the Most Common Travel Mistakes on Your Trip to Milan

Avoiding the Most Common Travel Mistakes on Your Trip to Milan

Milan, formerly the capital of the Western Roman Empire is now the second largest city in Italy. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Milan Cathedral are just the main tourist’s attractions in Milan, but this city has lots to offer. The architecture is outstanding especially that the cathedral dates back to the 13th century, being rebuilt on the ashes of the New Basilica by Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo.

Once you got off the plane and used a Milan airport transfer service, leave your luggage at the hotel room and embark on a walk through the wonderful city. But before you think about visiting Milan, you should consider some things. Because it’s a foreign country, some rules are needed to be followed.

Best time to visit Milan

Plan your trip thoroughly, as Milanese people tend to close their shops for a while during the day. The best way is to document yourself about the Milanese mealtime because you don’t want to find yourself starving at the wrong time.

If you’re thinking to try an authentic Italian coffee, there are many coffee shops that you can choose from in Milan. But beware, because all coffee shops and restaurants which serve coffee won’t serve café latte before lunch and if you do ask, then the waiter will look at you in a very peculiar way. Also, simply ordering a latte will not bring you a coffee with milk, but instead you will get a glass of milk so be sure to ask first and then order.

August is buzzing with tourists and it’s very hot outside at that time of the year, so if you don’t like heat strokes and huge crowds, choose another time period to visit. In mid-April, the Milan Furniture Fair will start and the city will be again, very crowded and the hotel rooms will be all booked so do avoid this time period. If you wish to visit Milan during the fair, be sure to book your hotel rooms and flights accordingly.

Means of transportation

Getting around Milan is very easily and also exciting and you have lots of options to choose from. Do not forget to pay the fee for using public transportation or else, you will get a fine and it’s a large amount of money compared to the price of only one ticket. If you get the chance to ride the old 1930’s tram called ATMosfera, don’t miss it. For a fair amount of money, you’ll get a deluxe tour with wine tasting around Milan.

Spending your money

Milan is a wonder when it comes to fashion, so everything will seem appealing so leave some space in your luggage for some extras you can buy from fashion shops. You may think that Galleria Vittorio is the right place to be when you go shopping and it really is, but it is also very expensive. You can go to smaller shops and get almost the same quality, if not the same, for a reasonable price. If you really want to catch a glimpse of some quality clothing head to the Quadrilatero della Moda fashion district.

On the first Sunday of each month, all the museums in Milan are free to visit so take the chance. Although the museums are crowded then as the entrance is free, you can still catch a glimpse of some Italian and Milanese art.

If you are an opera lover and Italians are the most famous when it comes to opera, you may want to go to Teatro alla Scala for some fine music. If you have a ticket booked months before, then you are lucky. But to be even luckier, visit the box office an hour before any show starts and you could get a ticket with a 25% discount. Initial tickets are very expensive, but a 25% discount is a better deal than paying the full price.

Extra sights

Some tourists that visit Milan tend to stay inside Milan and never walk on the outskirts of the city. While Milan gives you the buzzing and excitement of malls, restaurants, and wonderful buildings, Lake Como is just a step away. Catching a train from Milano Cardona Station will get you on a 2 hour trip to the lake.

Milan has some vantage points from with you can see the city from high above, even from the cathedral, which can be an opportunity to take some extraordinary photos to remember.

To conclude all the above, Milan is an excellent destination at almost any time of the year. Avoiding the August heat and the Furniture Fair are the first steps you should consider when you’re planning the visit the Northern Italy. Also, administering your money is a must because Milan is a huge city and everything may catch your attention and end up in a shopping spree.


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