Why do charter buses not have seat belts?

It is true, children ride on school buses daily and do not use seat belts for the ride. Many people have wondered why charter buses do not have seat belts either. Why aren’t buses required to come equipped with seat belts?

Buses: No Seat Belts Required

It has been noted, seat belts on buses will not make the ride safer. Some statistics have shown that bus travel is one of the safest ways to travel. Traveling by bus, even without a seat belt, is at least 40 times safer that an automobile ride. In terms of deaths, there are only a few caused from bus travel accidents.

Do Seat Belts Create Safer Rides on Buses?

This is a question that many people have asked. There is a truthful answer. Research has shown, seat belts on any bus does not add up to increased safety. There is a concept called compartmentalization included in the research. Keep in mind, the seat belts on buses are placed quite close to each other. The seats have high backs which include padding. If an accident occurred, a person sitting in the seat would be propelled forward. This would be a short distance.

The padding on the seat in front of the rider would shield them similar to an airbag. Seat belts, on a bus, will not create a safer riding experience. A charter bus for rent would be a safe choice for many people.

Seat Belts are Costly

A charter bus for rent will not come with seat belts because all prices for rides would need to be raised from 8000 dollars up to 15000 dollars to the overall cost. It is important to understand, seat belts would take up more needed space on a bus too. If seat belts were added to buses, bus fleets would need to increase by at least 15 percent.

Every bus ride ought to offer a cost effective experience on a well-maintained and comfortable bus. Adding seat belts to buses will increase costs and raise prices. There is no need to have seat belts on charter buses because safety and comfort are already included with the ride.

Accidents Have Happened

Accidents have occurred with buses from time to time. Some have argued that seat belts are needed on buses in order to prevent deaths. There is always two thoughts to every argument or debate. If research could prove that lap belts would save lives, a law would be enforced for seat belt installation on buses.

The research has, indeed, leaned toward the evidence that seat belts do not add safety on buses. Some believe that seat belts on school buses would be very distracting to the driver. Enforcing seat belt wearing could pose safety concerns for a bus driver because every driver must stay focused on the road as opposed to enforcing seat belt guidelines for children.

It is a fact, accidents do happen on the roads and sometimes buses are involved.

It is also a fact, installing seat belts on buses is not necessarily going to prevent an accident. It must be known that buses are, truly, very safe to ride in. Accidents do not always happen, yet, there have been some in the past. There are many ongoing debates about safety and seat belts on buses.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had conducted studies and did not find reasons to enforce a seat belt law for buses. The debate may continue about this particular issue.


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